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Classes and activities are from Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 2pm with half an hour break between 11.30 and 12 noon.Students not staying for lunch are picked up by their parents at 2pm. Lunch is served between 2pm and 3pm for all students staying. Food is prepared by a British chef. The menu consists of a nutritionally balanced three course meal. We also cater for students who need a particular diet, e.g. diabetic, lactose intolerant etc.

At 3pm, students who stay for lunch are collected by their families. Our residential students are taken back home by their host families to enjoy the rest of the day practising their English in a real English environment.

Transport is included in the price of the course for all residential students. Students who enrol on any other course have to be brought to and collected by their parents.


All our teachers are fully qualified and experienced in teaching English as a foreign language to children and adolescents.

Their main objective is to motivate the children to learn the language while having fun.

Placement of students

The groups are organised according to the ages and levels of the students. 

The groups have a maximum of 12 students of a similar level.

At the end of each week students are given a small test to evaluate their progress. If any student appears to have a different level than the rest of the group, that student will be moved to the correct group. At the end of the course parents will receive a report on how their child has progressed in all aspects of the class.


Our main objective is communication, that is why we encourage our students to speak in English from day one so that they can improve this extremely important skill. Grammar and vocabulary are necessary but, as speaking is our main objective we focus more on it, organising exercises and different activities to motivate the students and make them confident at the same time as having fun.

The material we use on the course is adapted to the students’ age and level so that they find them interesting. Throughout the course students will enjoy doing projects on different topics as well as taking part in various workshops like cookery, drama, music etc. which will increase their vocabulary and also their general knowledge.

Students will have some homework every day. Residential students usually do their homework with their host family who are always prepared to help out with any questions or queries they may have.

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