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Students who choose the residential course will be placed in English speaking families living in the area.

Lingualogic Summer Camp takes great care in selecting the host families who will look after your child during the course. They will make sure that your child feels welcome and integrated into family life, so that they can enjoy British habits and traditions. The student also needs to make an effort in integrating into the routines of the family to ensure that the experience is a success.

Most of the families live near the camp and organise different kind of after school activities such as barbecues, trips to the beach and picnics for the students to enjoy after the classes.

Quite often our students want to return to the same family as previous years or ask for a family that has been recommended to them. We always try our very best to accommodate these requests but we can’t always guarantee the availability of the family.

The students will be placed in families in groups of between 2 and 4 per family.

Both breakfast and dinner are provided by the family. The host family will make sure that their clothes are washed regularly and that they have a weekly change of bed linen and towels. All that is required from the students is that they keep their bedroom tidy!

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