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Guide for parents

Arrival and departure

Arrival for the residential course is on the Sunday before starting classes the next day. Arrival times will be arranged prior to the start of the course, but are usually between 12pm and 1pm at our office in La Sella. At this time you will also meet the host family, and if you wish, visit their home.

On the last Friday of the course parents of students on all courses are invited to the diploma ceremony which also includes a short performance by each class. This will take place at 1pm in the garden and the course will finish after the show.


Light, informal or sports clothes are recommended. For swimming, children will need a swimsuit, sandals, bath towel, sun cream and anything else you may consider necessary. It is recommended that little ones also bring a change of clothes. Residential students will have their clothes laundered by their Host Family.


Students should only bring money for personal expenses. There is a small supermarket on the complex, where children can buy drinks, snacks and ice-creams.

Phone calls

Most students have their own mobile phone. However, all mobile phones must be switched off during class time.

You can contact the Lingualogic La Sella office on 96 643 5481 or 634 313 470 from 9.30 am to 2.00 pm. Out with these hours the emergency contact number is 634 313 470. If your child is on a residential course, you will be given a contact number for the host family.

We expect all mobile phones to be used responsibly at all times.


The most important aspect at Lingualogic La Sella is safety. At Lingualogic La Sella there are personnel qualified in first aid supervising the students at all times. They will be responsible for any first aid, for giving any medication and collaborating with the local chemist, doctor or the hospital if necessary.

The school has a well stocked first aid kit and the hospital is only 10 minutes drive from La Sella. There is also a chemist on the complex who will deal with any minor problems that may occur. If medication is needed, it will have to be paid for at the end of the course.

All our students are covered by our insurance, however, the students must bring their own private or public medical card with them in case we have an emergency.

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