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Excursions and activities


There will be 2 excursions during each course.

An excursion to Aqualandia Water Park, Benidorm on the first Saturday of the course. It is optional at an extra cost for all students. Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult.

An excursion to the Tururac adventure park in Orba where the children can enjoy rock climbing, archery, mountain bikes, swimming and a variety of outdoor games with lunch included. This excursion is optional at an extra cost for all courses.

We also organise a picnic on the beach, where the students can enjoy rides on a Segway, a kayak, a four wheel cycle as well as a paddle surfer. This excursion is an optional extra to the course.


Students have lunch immediately after the classes have finished for the day at 2pm and activities begin at 3pm. As well as 60 hours of language classes and workshops, students at Lingualogic Summer Camp also enjoy 28 hours of various activities all supervised by bilingual sports monitors.

Activities Include

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